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I am on a mission to help you feel confident as you navigate the school system

I want you to have the information, tools and up-to-date research you need to be an informed partner in the education journey of your child


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You want the best for your child

But it is easy to feel out of control. I will help by providing...

Objective, easy-to-understand information

The most up-to-date research on the topics you care about

Online courses which fit around a busy schedule

Time saving tools to help you focus your energy on the things which matter the most

Insider wisdom - built on more than 15 years experience

Friendly, non-judgemental support

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Hi, I'm Joe - since becoming a dad I have been on a mission to help parents navigate the school system with confidence.

I have been a teacher, school leader and education consultant for more than 15 years. I'm also a dad to two young boys.


Just like you, my partner (who's also a teacher) and I care deeply about our children's education.

However, as insiders, we know how to navigate, and thrive in the school system, without spending wasted hours searching for information or being swayed by the opinions of our friends.

I want to share these insights with you too. That is why I set up School Compass.

Our Courses

The education landscape has changed significantly since your school days, with various school types, teaching approaches, and a revamped exam system. More choices, yes, but also more uncertainty.


Parents are grappling with immense pressure, and education is too vital to leave to chance or make decisions based on limited information.

I run a number of course to help you at every step of the way.

I am so confident that you will finish a course feeling empowered that I will give a FULL REFUND if you are not 100% satisfied with the experience.

Transition into Primary School

Understanding the Primary School Journey

Transition into Secondary School

Understanding the Secondary School Journey

Understanding the world of Post-16 Education


From Google Reviews...

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It was a complete eye-opener on the factors to take into consideration when choosing a school for your child. Joe is a great facilitator. His skills and experiences certainly shone through.

George, London

We were introduced to Joe when he did a short session at our son’s primary school... we signed up to do some fuller virtual secondary school sessions with Joe and thought they were brilliant - gave us the tools to understand the differences and similarities between secondary schools and highlighted interesting educational research that we’d probably have missed. We just felt more confident doing the school tours and filling in our application after that. I wish we’d found him sooner (even at the end of Y4!) because don’t think I got the best out of our Y5 tours. I’d definitely recommend.

Tracey, London

This course was brilliant. My partner and I had significant disagreements about which school to send our child. Joe provided us with the facts, research and tools we needed to help us come to an informed decision.

Sian, Hereford

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