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Choosing a Secondary School

A FREE webinar to help you navigate secondary school choice with confidence

In this webinar we will cover

Presented by Joe Pardoe, Founder of School Compass

With over 15 years of experience as an educator, school leader, and education consultant, Joe has developed a wide range of expertise in education. However, it was when he became a father that he recognised a glaring gap in the availability of clear, objective, and easy-to-understand information to help parents to confidently navigate the school system. This realisation inspired him to establish "School Compass," a platform dedicated to bridging this informational gap and giving you the insider wisdom you need to take control of your child's educational journey.

Joe Pardoe, the founder, giving evidence at the Education Select Committee

George Brown, East London

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It was a complete eye-opener on the factors to take into consideration when choosing a school for your child. Joe is a great facilitator. His skills and experiences certainly shone through.

Tracey Coleman, South-East London

We were introduced to Joe when he did a short session at our son’s primary school. Reassuring that he was already known professionally to our school headteachers. We signed up to do some virtual  sessions with Joe and thought they were brilliant - gave us the tools to understand the differences and similarities between secondary schools and highlighted interesting educational research that we’d probably have missed. We just felt more confident doing the school tours and filling in our application after that. I wish we’d found him sooner!

Sian Bowman, Hereford

It was kind of like a mix of hypno-birthing and NCT - but for schools! Gave us all of the information we needed, showed us how to control the things we could and how to think differently about the things outside of our control. I left with a sense of what I needed to do next and how to do it.

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February 27th 8pm - 9pm

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